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I am so excited to share this little project with you! In only a few nights after work, my husband and I were able to drastically improve the look of our closet for a relatively small price tag.  This was the first step to redoing our guest room/office, so there will definitely be more to come.  (Ignore the beige walls, those are next to go!)

Just so you can see the dramatic change…



First, we emptied out the closet completely. Charles pulled out all of the shelving and railing and patched any holes.  We repainted the inside with the same color we used in our living room just to give it some flair.

We purchased an Ikea dresser and spruced it up with accent pulls and corner braces to make it look much fancier like a campaign dresser.  (Links to what we used to do this are below.)  I am SO in love with the results.

Charles used an Ikea bookshelf we already had to build up the dresser.  He also bought wood to create more shelving around the dresser and bookshelf.

I painted the back of the bookshelf emerald green (just for fun!) .  This is my favorite and easiest Ikea hack for the Billy bookshelves.  I painted my shelving in the bar hot pink and get a ton of compliments on it.

Charles also built shelves into the strange corner section of the closet, which is seriously a storage dream for what used to be such an awkward space.

We purchased new closet rods (which are detachable) and viola- it all came together!  The only thing we need to finish is adding back baseboards when we do the rest of the room.  We are also researching new door options.

I am so happy with how this project turned out and how inexpensive it ended up being compared to hiring a professional to create a built-in closet.  The entire project was only a few hundred dollars to complete, making it far cheaper than even purchasing a closet system through online organizational stores.

Our Shopping List:
Ikea – MALM 6-drawer chest ($169)

Ikea – BILLY Bookcase ($59.99)
Home Depot – Martha Stewart 3 in. Hardware Pull ($4.49/ea)
Home Depot – 2 in. Flat Corner Brace (4-Pack) ($2.47/ea)
Closet Rod – Amazon ($36)
Paint – Benjamin Moore in San Antonio Gray and Emerald Isle

And finally, cheers to the handyman himself!  Saying I am lucky to have him is an understatement.

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  • Christine | A Keane Sense of Adventure

    It looks great Ashley! "Back in the day" all our Ikea stuff didn't last a year but now their stuff is made so much better! I need to revamp my closets!

  • Evelina Utterdahl

    I have to say that is the best makeover of a MALM-drawer I've seen. Good job šŸ˜€

  • Arni

    It looks so great with the gold accents and great shelving for that angled corner. Well done!

  • Jen

    It looks so good, I love the gold!

  • Faith

    That looks fantastic! Great job!

  • Stephanie

    It looks awesome!

  • Cece

    You guys are awesome! What a huge difference. I don't even know how you functioned in the before closet! We spent a lot of money on a closet re-do. We could have saved a lot of money if we'd bucked up and figured it out on our own, but what's done is done (and i love our closet).

  • Ashley R

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  • Ashley R

    Thanks! We only functioned because it is our spare room. Our bedroom is a lot more organized (we threw everything in this one instead, haha!), however we now have plans to overhaul that closet since we have the practice.

  • Ashley R

    Thanks, I am slightly gold obsessed.

  • Ashley R

    Wow, I am honored- thank you!