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In the meantime, I would love to share some of my favorite travel products today!

I haven’t been shy about my love for packing cubes, and I recently found my new favorites from Lewis N. Clark travel, along with some other goodies!

Hands down, packing cubes (medium and large) and compression packs are your best friend when trying to pack for yourself or your family. These cubes help you organize your luggage into compartments, which not only compresses them, but creates an easy way to pack and unpack. I can easily separate my stuff from baby stuff and stay organized.


Compression packs are new to me, but I am not sure how I lived without them! They suck the air out of a stack of clothing so it lays VERY flat and allows you to pack more. Game changers.


My other favorite discovery is travel pouches. I now use them to store everything from baby bows to baby food to toiletries. I love to be organized, and these are helping me up my game.


I also love this RFID-blocking clutch that organizes my phone, passport, and cards, while protecting me from having my information stolen.


They have a few other items I would love to try– the plaid cosmetic case, pill organizer pouches, the silicone travel cup, shoe covers, waterproof phone pouch, antibacterial toothbrush covers, and the seven day pill box.

There are more things than ever before to keep your family safe and organized while traveling. And I will take ALL the help I can get.

And since you’ve made it this far, here is a photo of cute baby stuff…


Hopefully these tricks will help you pack a little smarter!


Items c/o Lewis N. Clark Travel // All opinions are my own!

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