Adventures with Baby | Maternity Photos


I love my maternity photos so very much, thanks to Lexus Megan Photography.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to have photos done, so I waited a lot longer than most pregnant women do… until 37 weeks (oops!) to get these taken. I am so glad I ultimately did them because this was such a special time for us and having it captured in photographs makes my heart happy.


Here are some of my favorites…

maternity_session-4maternity_session-3maternity_session-9maternity_session-8 maternity_session-12 maternity_session-14 maternity_session-17 maternity_session-20maternity_session-19 maternity_session-21 maternity_session-23 maternity_session-26 maternity_session-27 maternity_session-28 maternity_session-33maternity_session-39 maternity_session-41 maternity_session-47 maternity_session-49 maternity_session-53 maternity_session-54 maternity_session-55 maternity_session-57 maternity_session-59 maternity_session-60 maternity_session-61

Of course we couldn’t take ourselves too seriously…

maternity_session-63 maternity_session-64 maternity_session-65 maternity_session-69 maternity_session-72 maternity_session-73 maternity_session-87 maternity_session-77 maternity_session-78

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  • julie @ jewelswandering

    Love them! They came out so well and love all the different backdrops! You look gorgeous!!