Belgian fries | Amsterdam, Netherlands


French fries are holy for me. They are basically my favorite food. Enter Belgian fries.

Game. Changer.

They are cooked not once, but twice, to crispy perfection. Not only are they the perfect crispness, but they are served with a variety of sauces from mayo to curry to peanut sauce. Our favorite stop for Belgian fries while in Amsterdam was Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx. (Yeah, I can’t even pretend I know how to say that.) If you are looking for a delicious locale for fries, I highly recommend it.

It is a hole-in-the-wall stand, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

dscn6992dscn6984dscn6999 dscn6988dscn6998^Mayo and ketchup for me, peanut saute sauce for Charles!

Across the street is a little bar that lets you come out of the cold and eat your fries inside if you buy a drink. Twist my arm!

dscn6993 dscn7001 dscn7002

Aren’t the little fry forks adorable? The food in Amsterdam made my heart happy. Bless the potato.

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  • Emily of Em Busy Living

    YUMMMM you’re killing me with these! There’s nothing like the frites in Holland (I even liked them better than the ones we had in Belgium!) and that peanut sauce! that mayo!

  • julie @ jewelswandering

    I used to live in Brussels so I do remember how amazing the frites were. Loved all the sauces as well!!