Pancakes! | Amsterdam, Netherlands


We received a lot of recommendations to visit Pancakes! Amsterdam. They have a huge variety of homemade Dutch pancakes with delicious toppings- you can even make your own combinations!

As seen above, Charles tried the banana and Belgian chocolate with almonds. There is also a traditional ham and grated Dutch cheese and even bacon and apple.

I had the small and famous Dutch poffertjes. They look like mini American pancakes, but are SO much better. They are light and delicious, served with powdered sugar and butter. Yum!


We even got little stroopwafels with our coffee. If you haven’t had a stroopwafel, you are missing out. They are two thin waffles with a delicious caramel filling. They are fantastic just a little bit warm, and perfect for putting over a cup of coffee to slowly be steamed and become gooey in the middle. You can find them during the holidays in the US or at speciality stores like World Market. (Just be sure they are imported from the Netherlands!)

dscn6516 dscn6520^Dutch pancake!


dscn6528dscn6531 dscn6534 dscn6536

It was such a cute and delicious restaurant, but the seating was very limited, so go early to avoid a wait. Although a wait on this street can’t be all that bad…


Amsterdam is the cutest.

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  • Arni

    Ooh those pancakes! I like the quaint look of this pancake restaurant. The brown brick facade with the blue striped canopy. I so miss Europe at this time of year!

  • Therie

    All your Amsterdam food diary post is making me super hungry right now!