Highway 1 Road Trip | Pfeiffer Beach | Big Sur, California



A few months ago we hit the road for my 30th birthday trip up the California coast. Zora came along for the adventure and we met my best friend near the Redwoods. I’ve always wanted to drive up Highway One and see more of the central coast, so this was the perfect opportunity. I plan on posting a little guide with my recommended stops, but I thought it would be fun to share them individually first.

We picked Pfeiffer Beach as a stop to let Zora stretch out her legs and get a little play time in. It was a little drive off the main road (fair warning), but it ended up being the perfect play stop for everyone! Zora was SO, so happy. She is such a fun and easygoing travel companion.

dscn7294 dscn7296dscn7291 dscn7300 dscn7302 dscn7306 dscn7312dscn7334 dscn7317 dscn7321 dscn7332 dscn7347 dscn7355 dscn7359 dscn7361 dscn7364^The sand is known to be purple, which you can only see in *just* the right light.


That last photo makes me so happy. :) I loved watching my little family with baby Kit safe inside of me, basking in the sunshine. Road trips can be really good for your soul, and Big Sur had a very calming effect on me.

You could say we are fans.

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  • http://www.jewelswandering.com julie @ jewelswandering

    So cute!! I love seeing dogs happy at the beach!! Glad to see you’re back!!

  • http://www.wanderingweekenders.com/ Ashley @ Wandering Weekenders

    We took a mini day trip to drive down Highway 1 to Big Sur when we were in California a couple of years ago and it was perfect! Your pup looks so happy at the beach, and I’d love to take mine there one day!