Twilight Canal Houses | Amsterdam, Netherlands


I remember these moments of twilight in Amsterdam so vividly. The air was chilly, but not too cold. The colors were absolute perfection. You could see warm light coming from the canal houses as families prepared dinner. Laughter and smells of Dutch cooking filled the air. I felt so lucky to be in the middle of such a sensory moment in such a truly exquisite city. I almost felt invisible, enveloped completely by the moment.

Here are some photos that desperately try, but ultimately fail at capturing the serenity and love I felt for the city during this magical twilight…

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dscn6412 dscn6413 dscn6416 dscn6427 dscn6433 dscn6436 dscn6439

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  • Emily of Em Busy Living

    Beautiful photos! I love the moments you described. Amsterdam is incredible.