Adventures With Baby | Second Trimester


(My first trimester update is here.)



– My morning sickness finally let up, but I still had some stretches that I had difficulty eating a lot

– I put on 5 pounds total this trimester, leaving me at -7 from the start of pregnancy

– As of July (18 weeks), baby had been on 9 flights and approximately 50 Uber rides — (And who could forget the ill advised boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge?)

– Baby girl travelled to Seattle and Olympia in Washington, and took a road trip up the California coast with stops in Big Sur, Monterey, Petaluma, Russian River, the Redwoods, and Euereka

– She went to her first Dodger game at Dodger Stadium and enjoyed Philippe’s sandwiches (a family tradition)

– I haven’t had any hardcore (weird) cravings, but I have particularly enjoyed LOTS of Kirkland organic milk, brown sugar pop tarts, orange rolls, homemade banana bread, applesauce, Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, and Tillamook peanut butter chocolate ice cream (don’t worry, I ate lots of healthy things too!)

– She also tolerated me eating veggie dogs and deep fried Oreos at the Orange County Fair 😉

– While my first trimester I dealt primarily with physical symptoms of pregnancy, the second trimester has been a mental challenge with lots of new emotions and feelings emerging

– I TURNED 30!!!!

– We bought a new house (currently being built) because we are crazy like that (more on that later)


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The second trimester went by much faster than the first, but it still feels like I have been pregnant for a very long time. It is worth it though! :)

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  • Sara

    Hey! I’ve been a bit MIA in the blog world myself – I just had a baby boy in November! Congratulations to you and your hubby!! Being a mom is awesome :-)

  • Sarah Alway

    You look adorable! And I love the way you are documenting your pregnancy… I may have to steal this idea if you don’t mind. For my first I wrote a post every single week… this time I’ve done nothing! But this is a great way to sum things up. How did you like Olympia, WA? That’s my home town! :-) I hope you are feeling great and enjoying the holidays!