Barbados, West Indies

Barbados is such an intriguing island. There are two main divisions, the more developed and populated West Coast (on the Caribbean Sea) and Bathsheba on the East Coast with Atlantic views.

 My bridesmaids gifted us with a private historical tour that lopped around the entire island at my bridal shower. They sure know us well, because this was right up our alley.

We started the tour on the West Coast, where we were picked up, and slowly moved away from the crowds. The tour guide was phenomenal and we got into great conversations about the economy of Barbados, politics, and his life on the island. It was a real treat to have such a personalized experience.

Not surprisingly, the West Coast is alluring due to the clear Caribbean views. ‘Sandy Lane’ is the street to live on, and it is where everyone wants to be- a real status symbol on the island. We drove by luxurious houses and got peaks of the blue sea. I am glad that this day, of all days, we didn’t do a “relaxing” beach excursion because Barbados has an intrigue to it that demanded a better adventure. It felt a little more rough around the edges. Not dangerous, but like it had more than beautiful beaches to be enjoyed and understood.

We were chatting with the guide about what beer the locals drink, and he pulled right over when he heard Charles was a brewer and bought him a ‘Banks’ local beer. Charles was so excited.

Our next stop was the very gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill overlooking the East Coast. Our guide directed us to a local who cut the top off a fresh coconut and, after asking, poured some Barbados rum in it.  It was amazing.

The views were insane, and you can see how sparsely populated this side of the island is; most of the people we talked to on the cruise didn’t even visit it! It makes sense, but it also goes to show that you need to be your own planner for excursions so you don’t miss anything special where you are visiting. This was the right spot for a non-cruise sponsored tour.

Our drive continued, and I loved the feel of the areas we passed through… breezy, slightly wild, and full of raw energy.

We pulled up to a few fruit stands and he bought us a cashew fruit (pictured), among other things. At this point, he also told us that as a kid he and his friends were very poor, but they never felt that way. They would play soccer all day long, run around, and eat fresh fruit from the land. They always had enough. I thought this concept and his words were so beautiful.  He had all he really needed, how could he be poor?

The next stop was Bathsheba, full of unique rock collections and a rough, but amazing coastline. It was so unsettled and natural.

We made a few stops and had some great conversations on the way back. We asked if he could drop us off at a local restaurant.  He said, “do you really mean local?” Uh, yes! And he definitely delivered… it was a super small place with a few tables outside, but man was the food amazing.  Charles had the oxtail stew (not pictured) and I had a SUPER fresh marlin sandwich with plantain fries.  Of course I had to try the rum punch at each cruise stop and Charles tried another local beer, “10 Saints,” named for the 10 parishes of Barbados.


After lunch we slowly meandered through town, walking through shops on our way back to the ship. We had such a great day in Barbados.  It really does have a special vibe to it and there are real treasures to be found there.  While our experience was less about beaches and resorts, there are also plenty of those to be enjoyed as well.

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  • Laura Darling

    What a beautiful place! I'd love to visit there someday!

  • emi

    so beautiful! everything looks perfect, XO

  • Alice

    Oxtail stew? Your man is a brave eater! x

  • Allison

    What beautiful pictures!!! I need sunshine in my life…it's snowing here! BOO!

  • Erica

    This looks like paradise!

  • Faith

    Wow! Beautiful!

    I love that he never felt poor because he had all needed. What a concept, right?!

    When we went to Jamaica we asked to go to a local restaurant as well and the food was incredible! I loved that we did that.

    Gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to go!

  • Elsha

    Do you know that you two are perfect and have the most exciting lives? Do you?!?!

  • Rachel

    what gorgeous scenery, and cute photos of you and Charles! I often wish that we had done a tropical honeymoon!

  • Margaret Birch

    Just breathtaking! I looovee your blog design, by the way :)

  • Richelle Lynn Garn

    What a beautiful place! I love that you guys share these experiences with us. I hope to travel soon. I need to go soon. I have major travel bug.

    Love, Richelle from Lynn + Lou