The Courtship | Rome, Italy

Rome.  They say it wasn’t built in a day, and it certainly didn’t win me over in a day either.  Surprised?  Stumbling off the train, my senses were extremely offended by the smells, the sun, and the throngs of people talking loudly, squished together everywhere we went.  I missed France and England.  The cooler weather, the long streets in France, room on public transit, and the novelty that somehow also exuded comfort.

Nonetheless, Rome and I were a true love story in the making.  I was about to be courted.

Charles on the other hand, fell in love with Italy immediately.  He started eating, walking, and moving and never looked back.  He said that he liked the warm, welcoming lifestyle and that people didn’t care, they just were.  I get that about him.  I wish I were more like that, in principle.  Was I simply too uptight to enjoy Rome?  Maybe, at first, but Rome knew it didn’t even have to try.  I never stood a chance.  All it had to do was sit there, knowing mere time was all that stood between our love affair.

We moved our luggage from the train stop, through the public metro, and to our hotel.  After freshening up, we proceeded to have the most wonderful, action packed day despite sleep deprivation and the heat.  Oh was it hot.

Our first stop?  The stuff my very dreams are made off… Bocca della Verità.  Hollywood made me love it through Roman Holiday.  It was truly a “pinch me moment” to be there and I even purchased some handmade replicas of the beautiful work.


We also popped by the circus maximus… no big deal or anything. 😉

The Colosseum was…. hot.  I am trying to put myself back in that place.  Surreal.  I know that word is overused, but I felt oddly nonplussed about being inside of the iconic world structure.  It felt like a stadium, except it wasn’t.  Terrible description for something so epic, right?  Honestly, it was hard to feel what had gone on there, I think it is just honestly that far away from my reality.  But it was lovely to have been there, to have had that experience, and stepped on those grounds.

I was much more nostalgic as we walked through additional ruins in the city.  It is insane how much is just there, sitting around.  I mean amazingly valuable relics just strewn everywhere.  As far as your eye can see, ruins.  They say they can’t build anything in Rome because every time they start to dig, they find more ruins.  What a problem to have!

As the evening grew near, I liked everything I saw more.  This is how it is with me, I respond better with cooler temperatures.

The night time was when things really came alive and clicked in my heart.  I’ve always loved the night, but Italy does it pretty impeccably.  An evening in Roma is like every magical summer night ever created comes together in this one perfect place and ignites your soul.  Suddenly the smells were glorious again (cooking!), and people seemed so light and happy I could barely stand it.  People actually lived within this dream every day?
The sidewalk cafes are the true gem of an Italian night; they appear as if from nowhere and expand outward as patrons come in.  No one sits inside, wine is flowing, and the food is basically fantastic wherever you go.  Just throw a stone and eat there.  I mean that is ridiculous, right?
That first night I had margarehti pizza.  Yum.  Let’s get a close up of that…

There is gelato everywhere, so of course we stopped for some later.  It is not like you even choose to do these things, they just happen.  Dinner at an outdoor cafe, strolling… somehow gelato ends up in your hands, and boom, you are walking the Spanish steps and throwing coins into a fountain.  Living a cliche and smiling because you realize it is a cliche for a reason.

There were people literally swarming the area around the fountain, but it was still a fabulous experience.  (Please excuse the poor quality night photos!)

Ah, Rome.  Rome. Rome. Rome.  I finally got it, under those twinkling stars, the serenade of music, and glowing faces floating by like a Chagall painting.  Thinking of Rome will forever stir a pitter patter in my heart.

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  • erica @ to the sea

    Ahhh you're making me so excited for my upcoming trip!

  • A Country Girls World

    <3 I love Rome so much! I want to go back so badly!

  • Robin

    I want to try a "real" pizza someday! It looks good.

  • Christine

    Beautiful!!! Need to go there!

  • Susannah

    Rome (and Italy in general) is #1 on my places I want to visit! I'm going to have to ask you all sorts of questions about where to go and what to do when we finally book our trip (in a few years).

  • Ashley Elizabeth

    So beautiful and makes me want to go back already!! (we were just there in May!)

  • Ashley

    Aaahhhh! The picture of you recreating the scene in Roman Holiday!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Now I want to watch that movie again. So jealous of all the beautiful sites you got to see. :)

  • Claire

    Oh! I have always dreamed of going to Rome and you have just made me fall in love with it!!!

    I love Roman Holiday and I love that photo of you with your hand inside the mouth! Cool outfit by the way. Love it!

  • Katrin

    Italian pizza is the best!
    My friend Julia lived in Rome for half a year and I still regret that I wasn't able to visit her there. But at least I got to see her in Florence and Venice.
    Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  • Lauren

    These photos are SO gorgeous. It's been a few years since I've been to Rome, but it is by far one of my favorite cities. There is just so much to see! I could spend months exploring!

    Fizz and Frosting

  • Pegster

    Ahhh Rome, this post brought back so many great memories.

    Looks like you guys had a great time. You took such great pics and narrated this so beautifully

    The trevi fountain is always so crowded. We went back 3 different times and it was still crowded. The gelato was my favorite too, we ate so much of it, it was insane.

    Love this post

  • MastHoliday

    Really, sounds a great heritage site! all pictures are spectacular and glorious. such a powerful post described beautifully.
    thanks for sharing your experience through this post.

  • Faith

    Goodness gracious! These pictures are amazing! What an amazing experience! I need to travel with you guys!

    And your outfit is so cute! I love it!

  • emily barlocker scott

    I totally had an affair with Rome too :)

  • Arni @ Travel Gourmande

    Oh charming Rome, it's nice reading how Rome slowly captivated you. I do remember walking a lot over there and it was funny whenever I ask for directions, the locals always say it's not far – just fifteen minutes walk but in reality it's actually an hour's worth of brisk walking. (Ha, I guess they walk really fast).

  • Megan

    Seeing those pictures makes it hard to believe that it took some wooing for you, but I totally get how the hot weather could make it hard to like a place a first. How incredible to have those ruins everywhere, though! Wow!

  • Mar

    Reading your Italy posts is bringing back good memories of our family trip this past summer. It was so hot when we were there so at times the sightseeing was a bit much, but I would kill to be sitting at a tiny table in a tiny table eating pasta right now. Such a relaxed lifestyle.