My Travel Essentials.

I feel kind of silly writing this post, because I am by no means a travel expert… at all!  That being said, I do blog a lot about traveling and I get questions, so I thought I might share a few of my favorite things!  I’ll share more items with you as I find/think of them, but this should be a good start.

Packing Cubes
{found here}
You guys.  I am starting off with the 100% BEST thing you can do for yourself when you travel.  Packing cubes.  Complete. Game. Changer.  Remember how you all asked how I packed for a three week vacation with only one carry on?  This is the simplest answer I can give you.  I plan to go into greater depth on this in a future packing post, but packing your clothing in tight sections will make your life loads easier.  No more searching for one shirt and having to refold everything!  A space and time saver.
Pack This! Pad by Knock Knock
{found here}
I am completely a Type A personality, and checking off boxes while staying organized also checks off all sorts of happy boxes in my little brain.  This thing allows me to pack worry free and not constantly wonder if I am forgetting something.  I find it to be pretty comprehensive, and it hasn’t steered me wrong yet.  I usually highlight anything that needs to be packed last minute (straightener, phone cord, etc) so I don’t forget those tricky last second items.  (I told you I was Type A!)

A Classic Moleskin
{found here}

Nothing fancy, just what it sounds like!  There is a reason famous authors have used these for years.  They allow you to quickly jot down any ideas, inspiration, or memories while you travel.  Trust me, if you take notes in this everyday, you will remember so much more, and be able to smile back on your memories whenever you want.  I like to cover my notebook with stickers as I travel (if available) so it ends up looking like a beat up passport when I am done.

Neck Pillow
{this one is adorable!)

Rest is priceless, and these cram fairly easily into small spaces when you don’t need them.  Enough said!

A Good Show on my Ipad

I know not everyone has an iPad, but you get the idea.  You know that feeling of watching a show you are hooked on with a marathon viewing?  Think of how much fun a long day of travel will be if you have that to look forward to!  It is the time to splurge on a whole season.  Your long day will fly by and you may just enjoy layovers or cramped seats a little more!  The same could go for books you are looking forward to reading, or a game, etc.  For me the iPad is my best friend when it comes to this!  And yes, I do own all the Friends seasons and usually throw some episodes of a random season on there to keep me laughing if I get nervous flying or frustrated and need a familiar laugh.

One final essential…
If you have any fear of flying (even if it is mild), I cannot recommend this FREE course enough.  I noticed that when I got engaged I started to be a more fearful flyer when I had never thought of it before.  Apparently this is completely normal!  Entering different phases of your life can trigger new emotions and fears based on the new responsibilities and stages you are in.  Same goes for having children, etc.  This course really, truly made a difference for me!

I hope this helps someone out there.  Safe and happy travels to everyone! xo

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  • Ashley

    Great list! I'm totally bookmarking this. I'm always searching on google for packing lists at the last minute trying to remember if I'm bringing everything :)

  • Irene

    Thats a very fine list, Ashley! I had never heard of the packing cubes but they look like a great solution for packing everything as neat as possible – I
    Ike it when the space within a suitcase can be divided in different compartments.
    And I totally agree with you about new life phases triggering an even more irrational fear of flying. I'm usually less scared when flying on my own than when flying with someone I love.
    Happy travels and happy day :) looking forward to reading more good advice!
    x Irene

  • Johanna

    I think those Pack This! lists are so genius. I wish I would have invented that!

  • Katrin

    Haha, the holiday armadillo! I am recently re-watching Friends for the probably 30th time. :)

  • Susannah

    Those packing cubes sound amazing! I'm going to have to get them for my trip to NYC! :-)

  • Arni @ Travel Gourmande

    Great post. I've been wanting to buy a neck pillow for a very long time. One of those things in my to buy list but never got around to actually buy one. Would really need it for the next trip. I watched an entire season of Homeland at the airport during an 8 hour layover. :) It got me all stressed out at the boarding lounge. I still can't get over Phoebe's Left Phalange episode.

  • Allison

    You sure sound like an expert to me girl. Love this post! I've never heard of packing cubes, which shows I don't travel much I guess, but they are genius!

  • josie renee

    Omgosh I have to look into those packing cubes!! I am always the girl with the huge checked bag but that has to change.

  • Faith

    I love, love, love Pack This! Makes packing so much easier.

    And with the way you travel you are certainly a traveling expert :)

  • Ashley R

    Me too! I never get sick of it. :)