Egypt and the Camel.

I really don’t know what I was thinking riding a camel.  I was feeling ambitious and “in the moment”, but it was not a fun experience for me.  I also kind of feel bad for the camels, so I guess this travel moment was a fail for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t chuckle in retrospect at how ridiculous my short lived “ride” was.


I definitely cringe at how completely unattractive these photos are (I was in the middle of the Sahara in September, living out of one carryon suitcase for 3 weeks, remember?)

The rest of the group got on their camels and had someone leading them pretty quickly, but for some reason I had no one.  The camel got up and I panicked, as I saw no one to guide me.  Let’s see my awkward rise from the ground…

^^ How unprofessional does that look????

A little kid  finally came over and took the lead, but seemed in no hurry to lead me anywhere.  Everyone else was far ahead and I was alone with practically no supervision.

I am not the bravest or best with animals, so I was definitely having a little moment!  I told Charles, “I want off!”  I noticed he was taking photos, but my smiles were fairly forced and painful…

Someone finally made me take my hand of the back.  This poor camel, right?

Meanwhile, a lady came screaming in my direction, FALLING off her camel.

Be still my heart.  Done and done.  My face and instructions to Charles (who was off camel), became more hurried.  Can you tell??


They stopped my “walk” short, and I have never been happier to touch the ground.  Not everyone is made for every travel experience, right?

Take all these awkward photos in, because you won’t see this again!

with love, the girl who rides a camel like this…

I never stood a chance.

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  • Faith

    This is the best post! Lol.

    I applaud you on getting on the camel in the first place. I would be too nervous too try, they just look so uncomfortable.

  • Christine

    oh my god, hilarious! An unforgettable experience 😉

  • Susannah

    Haha. Oh goodness, thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! This will definitely be something you'll never forget. :-)

  • Megan

    HAHAHA this literally had me laughing out loud! At least you have photographic evidence that you rode a camel once in your life so you can say you did and never have to do it again. There are some good ones there among the slightly more awkward ones. And I just love the different stories that go with each one. Too funny!