Women and Travel, Arni.

Please welcome the lovely Arni from Travel Gourmande!  I love her ability to paint lovely pictures with her words and share her feelings so honestly on her blog.  She is very inspiring to me.  Thank you Arni!  xo, Ashley

Hello everyone! I’m Arni, a desert expat bitten by the travel bug behind the blog, Travel Gourmande. I’m so happy to guest post here today and I’m extremely grateful to Ashley for this privilege. 

1.  A favorite travel memory

Each place I’ve visited, so far is special to me, but one at the top of my head right now was a birthday trip to Seychelles, particularly La Digue Island.  A tropical hibiscus paradise surrounded by white sand beaches and clear azure waters of the Indian Ocean from all sides. 

We spent 4 days in La Digue. Biking, hiking and swimming. No internet, no cars, no mobile phone.

The 3-hour sickening boat ride we took to get there was insane. It was sheer adrenaline rush that can only be cured by an anti-motion sickness pill, even for someone like me, who was born in a tropical country and accustomed to boats. 

I enjoyed the long hikes with my husband as we explored La Digue on a bicycle, which was the primary transportation over there.  The highlight of our trip in La Digue, apart from the 
Creole cuisine and the All-day beach hopping, was the adventurous trek to see the jaw-dropping-gorgeous hidden paradise of Anse Marron.

Anse Marron:  We tried getting there on our own but failed. Based on experience, go with a group led  by a professional local guide armed with a machete. It takes hours to get there and the trail to Anse Marron is tricky to find, controlled by the low and high tide.  The route we took started in the morning at the old plantation leading to Source D’Argent all the way to Grand Anse.
2.  What does being a woman in today’s world mean to you?

I think we are fortunate that we live at a time where we have the opportunity to be who we want to be –  something that was not available to women many centuries ago

A woman can be anything she sets her mind and heart to being. Whether her goal leads to further her career or prioritize her family, even both.  She has the choice, if need be, to sacrifice what is less important to her, to pursue her destiny at that given moment.

3.  When do you feel you’re at your happiest?
I am at my happiest when:
  •  I’m traveling with my husband.
  •  Entertaining friends at home and sharing a home-cooked meal together.
  •  Clients love and are happy with the spaces I have designed for their project.
  •  Sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee.
  •  I am able to make someone smile.

4.  How does traveling empower you?

Traveling expands one’s perspective of things. It’s the best form of education.  If it were possible, I’d love to travel with my family someday and let my kids experience things first-hand. Learn everything on the road with immense exposure to history, geography, architecture, different culture, and cuisine. Someone told me once, “Life is the best teacher.”

Traveling widened my comfort zone. I’m on the borderline of introversion and extroversion yet, I still feel shy on most occasions. Experiences made me comfortable in my own skin and I realized, I’m able to relate to a lot of situations due to these events so they help me open up to people that allow me to empathize various scenarios they’re in.

5.  What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be shy to take that last piece on the plate everyone feels shy of taking? :)  Okay, that comes from being a gourmande, (meaning greedy with food).

Kidding aside, someone wise told me to “Be true to myself.”  Life is too short to live based on others’ expectations.  With courage, we should  allow our individuality and uniqueness to shine through. In order to do that, we have to know who we are first and then aim to live a life of authenticity.
Thank you so much Ashley for allowing me to share my story. 
 Wishing you and all the readers happy travels and a lovely week!

Love & light,

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  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/09591906300285668242 Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight

    i love this new serious you are doing!! ps. i went through the drama you went through of changing your blog url. i did so as well. it is now lotfortyeight.blogspot.com wanted to let you know. thanks for following along!

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/02043902003926206830 Marjorie G

    I read Arni's blog a lot because through her posts I'm able to go to many places. She also serves as my inspiration, to someday travel the world and write about my experiences the way she does. I so love her piece about being a woman in this day and age. We are indeed lucky that we are given the options to do what we want to do with our lives.

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/18170497392645189253 Christine

    Amazing! The Seychelles looks like an fantastic destination. Adding it to my lift 😉

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/01073489020505303471 Jane

    great post arni! always love your perspective!

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/10218086821318824932 Arni @ Travel Gourmande

    I'm very happy to be a part of this lovely series. Thank you for your kind words. Have a great trip, Ashley!

  • https://www.blogger.com/profile/00210603421768133667 miss b

    Stunning photos of this very special place. I agree with your thoughts on travel. It's also a passion of mine and you can't underestimate the value of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures and cuisines.
    I'm so pleased to have popped over from Arni's lovely blog as I have now discovered another one and I'm delighted to be following along on Bloglovin'