Paella at 7 Portes | Barcelona, Spain

First thing is first. What in the world is paella? (I admit I really didn’t know exactly what is was for a long time.)


Paella is a Valencian (coastal region of Spain on the Mediterranean) rice dish. Since the region starts only a few hours south of Barcelona, the influence quickly spread to Catalonia. Rice is cooked with practically anything under the sun (meat, veggies, seafood, etc.) in a large, shallow pan with spices, the primary of which is saffron. It is served family style from the large pan.

And guys, it is pretty amazing.

We were very lucky in Barcelona to have met a great local friend early on who clued us in on some wonderful finds in the city. On our ‘must do’ list was to have a wonderful meal centered around paella. Barcelona is known for great seafood as well, so it was an easy decision to combine the two. Enter Restaurant 7 Portes!

The restaurant itself is really beautifully designed.

The walls are filled with plaques of famous visitors and they also have a fun guest book online.

Now for the main attraction! We split two large pans between four people.

First was the paella parellada (‘rich man’s’ paella) which consisted of lobster, prawns, and fish. The second was a delicious vegetable paella with an array of fresh veggies.

The lobster was my favorite part, but it was all delicious. The saffron does something special, I tell you.

For dessert we tried two local specialties including a Crema catalana, which is a Spanish style burnt custard cream.

This restaurant is bit of a splurge, but well worth it for the quality of the rice, spices, and most importantly, seafood.

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  • Jenn

    Love Love Love Paella! I bought a cookbook specifically for Paella when I got back from Spain :)

    • Ashley

      I am a little intimidated by making it by myself. My husband is a great cook, so I’m sure he would be able to do a wonderful job. Did you get the special pan and everything???

  • Cece

    I ate a gigantic pan of paella by myself when we were in Span (too long ago!!). I was so stuffed, and I don’t know how I ate it, but it was so so good. There is a Paella festival in San Diego coming up in a few months. I’m thinking about going.

    • Ashley

      Where there is a will, there’s a way haha! That fest sounds amazing. When is it?

      • Cece

        It’s in exactly one month. May 7.

  • julie @ jewelswandering

    Yums…! You totally have me crazing paella now!!

  • Christine loves to travel

    I never say no to Paella! Absolutely delicious!

    • Ashley

      That is an excellent mantra! I completely agree.

  • Jacquelyn @ Lowcountry Mama

    Wow this place looks amazing- your photos are gorgeous!

    • Ashley

      Aw thank you :)