Neuschwanstein Castle | Schwangau, Germany

Neuschwanstein castle (also known as the ‘Disney castle’) is absolutely gorgeous if you catch it on the right day.  I am *so* thankful we lucked out on a nice spring day.  Before visiting the actual castle we took a bus up the steep hillside and walked to the Marienbrücke viewing bridge.

Supposedly this bridge is 100% safe, but I swear my knees were shaking.  Heights aren’t exactly my thing, especially combined with a large crowd.  (And this was off season!)  At one point a large dog even pushed past me!  What?!  I would be petrified to take Zora on the bridge.


Here is a view of the bridge as seen from the castle, so you can get an idea of where all the iconic Neuschwanstein photos come from.

I was super glad we got the bridge out of the way first.  I love the photos we got, so it was well worth it!  It would be lovely to see it covered in snow someday.

Next we had a tour of the castle.  Please note, tours are scheduled/booked ahead of time, so you cannot show up and get a tour without a specific time slot.  They are very adamant about this!  Also, no photography is allowed inside the castle, which is kind of a bummer.


You cannot fully understand Neuschwanstein without some background on its creator, Ludwig II.  Ludwig II basically made this castle as an homage to Richard Wagner (he was essentially a super fan of his operas).  He even designed the castle with places for musical performances.  It is actually a fairly recent building, constructed in the late 1800’s.  Ludwig II was a recluse, but sort of a genius, and put all kinds of different touches on the inside.  If you can imagine a style of art, it is probably in there.  He also used a swan motif, and my personal favorite, he constructed a cave complete with a rainbow machine.

A rainbow machine?  Yep.  He actually loved science and technology and his interest in them resulted in many advancements throughout Bavaria.  So although he was deemed the “mad king” and was certainly eccentric, he did a lot for the area.  There was a lot of controversy from the costs of his projects and castles, but today they bring in a lot of income to Bavaria.  When he died in 1868, the castle remained unfinished, but was opened to the public.  I should also note that his death was under very mysterious circumstances.  He was found in  Lake Starnberg, and his death was ruled a drowning suicide, but no water was found in his lungs.  Very strange.

All this to say, this isn’t your traditional castle.  Ludwig’s story is the most interesting part about Neuschwanstein.  It is definitely more about him and less about the actual castle!

There was one balcony of the castle we were allowed to take photos from.  Thew views?  Well… just have a look…

So there you have it.  Bavaria is for lovers.  And eccentrics.  And the dreamers. 😉

And slightly crazy people. 😉

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  • Samantha Angell

    Oh, isn't the castle gorgeous?! I was there in the summer of 06 and most recently in October when all the leaves were changing. Like you, I was lucky to be there on a gorgeous- although slightly more foggy- day! The landscape with the changing fall colors was just stunning.

  • Katrin

    Beautiful pictures! I do not trust bridges most of the time, especially bridges over a river. They always make me feel bad.

  • Cece

    I WILL make it to a castle some day. They are so cool!! It's so pretty.

  • Amanda

    Beautiful! I so regret not going to the bridge to get some amazing photos!

  • Christine

    I want to go back to Munich so I can go here! Beautiful photos but that bridge is scarrrryyyyy.

  • Pegster

    Such beautiful pics of the castle. I never got a chance to go but it's definitely on my bucket list. I imagine taking my boys out there and loving it. Cannot wait. Looks like you had an awesome time.

  • Ashley R

    Oh they totally would! :)

  • Jamie Gunter

    Your photos are amazing! I'm heading there in about amonth and that bridge looks terrifying!! Yikes…didn't know about that bit! Oh well, maybe the castle will be surrounded by snow and it will make it worth it :)

  • Ashley R

    Aw thank you! The bridge is very sturdy, just focus on the castle and don't look down! You'll have such a lovely time. I can't imagine how beautiful it would be with snow!

  • elle alice

    Amazing photos! What a dream!! That is quite a view!!!

  • Ashley R

    Thank, it was so breathtaking. :)

  • Baldwin

    I never got a chance to go ….

  • jessica church

    We are going to southern germany on our trip and this is like an hour and a half to two hours away but I am dying to go. Just got to convince my husband!!

    • Ashley

      The countryside alone is so beautiful! Like a fairy tale. I really hope you make it. :)