Bavarian Cheese Farm.

After visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, our wonderful day in Bavaria continued with lunch on a cheese farm, mere feet away from the cows that produced the milk for the cheese we enjoyed.  It is one of those experiences that you try to emphasize the magic of, but fall short in every attempt.  Words cannot adequately convey just how lovely it is to take in an experience like this… the fresh air, the little goats playing merrily with small bells on, the breeze…. the countryside!  Sometimes I wonder if it all really happened?  I guess it did because I have photographic evidence.  I am SO glad we were there on such a lovely spring day.  The sky was bright blue and the weather ideal.  I think this really added to the magic, because an overcast and cold day just wouldn’t have been quite the same.

^Doesn’t this look like a Windows default background?

We went into the cheese shop (Schönegger Käse-Alm) and picked up lots of fresh cheese, bread, and homemade butter.  Oh and of course a cold beer, because when you are on vacation in Germany, that is what you do!

After picking up the lunch, we sat down with our new friends and enjoyed the plates overlooking the countryside.
Our group is sitting at the second table from the right.  The perfect size!  The entire day massive tour buses drove around the area, and we were grateful for a much more intimate experience.  We truly formed some great friendships with the group!
After eating we had some time to enjoy the area.  I really could have stayed there all day, but the few hours we had were perfect.
The animals were all super sweet and happy, but the little goats stole my heart.  They had little bells on and were leaping in the air playing with each other!  So joyful.
Just look at this goat trying to say hello to me!  It was cuteness overload.  The entire setting.  Bavarian cheese farm = success.
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  • Samantha Angell

    I would love to visit a cheese farm! Bavaria was absolutely so beautiful when I've been there- both in the summer and the fall. Also, that one pic DEFINITELY looks like a Windows backdrop photo- I did hear a story one time that the picture was taken in Bavaria, so it could be the same spot!

  • Susannah

    What a fun place to visit!!! 😀

  • Amanda

    What a fun afternoon! I think cows are so cute. :)

  • miss b

    What an interesting thing to do. I'm a huge cheese fan so this is something which really appeals to me!

  • Christine

    It looks so magical!! straight out of a fairytale book :)

  • Sara DePasquale

    Wow, a Bavarian cheese farm sounds like a wonderful place to visit! I have a weakness for farm animals, and my heart is melting over your goat photos! Too cute!!!

  • Arni @ Travel Gourmande

    Enjoying slices of cheese in a farm, wow. Have never tried Bavarian cheese, and I wonder how it is paired with a cold pint of Bavarian beer.