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Packing Smarter | Travel Tip

Happy Sunday everyone! Pardon the dust while I refresh my blog look and integrate it with In the meantime, I would love to share some of my favorite travel products today! I haven’t been shy about my love for packing cubes, and I recently found my new favorites from […]

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Cruise Tips | What to Know Before You Book

Everyone has a different personal travel style, but this is my advice for BEFORE you book a cruise. – IS A CRUISE THE RIGHT VACATION FOR YOU? – It might be if you answer YES to one of the following: Do you want to see a lot of cities within a region quickly? […]

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Packing in One Carry On for European Travel | Travel Tip

I get a lot of questions about packing light on my blog, so I put together a little guide for how to pack only a carry on for a few weeks of travel in Europe. This can be adjusted to your tastes, travel style, favorite colors, and needs as applicable. […]

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Classic Cocktail 101 | New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re in search for innovative and delicious libations, New Orleans has it all.  As a huge fan of touring a city through its drinks, I honestly believe New Orleans has some of the best stuff out there.  While there are plenty of locations that offer new concoctions daily, here […]

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Travel Tips, Arriving at Destination Airport.

When you first land at your destination (be it local or international), you are usually tired, sometimes jet lagged, and not 100% in the right mindset to quickly and effectively find your way to your hotel or apartment. Most travelers plan very well for their departure airport and flight, but […]

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Pet Sitter Info Sheet | Travel Tip

Being a huge dog (and travel) lover, I wanted to create a sheet that I could use for our pet sitter when we go out of town.  Most of the time when we go on vacation Zora heads to my parent’s house (where they have lots of property and love […]

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