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Gum Wall | Seattle, Washington

If you are looking for something different to do in Seattle, may I recommend a quick visit to the gum wall? Chances are, you are closer to it than you might think. It is just around the corner from Pike Place Market. Sure, it is a little gross, but it […]

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Space Needle | Seattle, Washington

Behold, the iconic Space Needle! I have been to Washington many times, and this was my third time going up into the Space Needle. I know it is a tourist attraction, (not exactly off the beaten path), but it is still a lot of fun to go up and see […]

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Adventures with Baby | Maternity Photos

I love my maternity photos so very much, thanks to Lexus Megan Photography. I wasn’t sure I wanted to have photos done, so I waited a lot longer than most pregnant women do… until 37 weeks (oops!) to get these taken. I am so glad I ultimately did them because this was […]

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HIGHWAY 1 ROAD TRIP | Bixby Creek Bridge | Big Sur, California

Our little California road trip was so much fun. I knew I definitely wanted to stop at Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur. The views were phenomenal and did not disappoint. In case you are planning a trip, there is a little parking lot (limited spots) where we stopped to […]

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Adventures With Baby | Second Trimester

(My first trimester update is here.) SECOND TRIMESTER FACTS – My morning sickness finally let up, but I still had some stretches that I had difficulty eating a lot – I put on 5 pounds total this trimester, leaving me at -7 from the start of pregnancy – As of July […]

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Next Stop: Adventures with a baby!

I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of [her] heart. I am. I am. I am.– Sylvia Plath I hinted a few posts ago that I have been exhausted. Which is true. The many long weekend trips this spring and summer have worn me out. But one thing […]

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