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Belgian fries | Amsterdam, Netherlands

French fries are holy for me. They are basically my favorite food. Enter Belgian fries. Game. Changer. They are cooked not once, but twice, to crispy perfection. Not only are they the perfect crispness, but they are served with a variety of sauces from mayo to curry to peanut sauce. Our […]

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Metropolitan Waffles | Amsterdam, Netherlands

You can’t visit Amsterdam without enjoying waffles, right? They are best warm and crispy. This was our favorite spot in the city… Perfect for walking home on a chilly night! I day dream about the texture and taste of these waffles.

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St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes, Cabbage, and Sheperd’s Pie | Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! It has become a tradition to host our family and friends for some delicious Irish dishes. I am Irish on my Dad’s side, and his mom grew up in a little town in Iowa that featured two buildings in the town center– a […]

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Gum Wall | Seattle, Washington

If you are looking for something different to do in Seattle, may I recommend a quick visit to the gum wall? Chances are, you are closer to it than you might think. It is just around the corner from Pike Place Market. Sure, it is a little gross, but it […]

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Space Needle | Seattle, Washington

Behold, the iconic Space Needle! I have been to Washington many times, and this was my third time going up into the Space Needle. I know it is a tourist attraction, (not exactly off the beaten path), but it is still a lot of fun to go up and see […]

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Adventures with Baby | Maternity Photos

I love my maternity photos so very much, thanks to Lexus Megan Photography. I wasn’t sure I wanted to have photos done, so I waited a lot longer than most pregnant women do… until 37 weeks (oops!) to get these taken. I am so glad I ultimately did them because this was […]

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HIGHWAY 1 ROAD TRIP | Bixby Creek Bridge | Big Sur, California

Our little California road trip was so much fun. I knew I definitely wanted to stop at Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur. The views were phenomenal and did not disappoint. In case you are planning a trip, there is a little parking lot (limited spots) where we stopped to […]

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Adventures With Baby | Second Trimester

(My first trimester update is here.) SECOND TRIMESTER FACTS – My morning sickness finally let up, but I still had some stretches that I had difficulty eating a lot – I put on 5 pounds total this trimester, leaving me at -7 from the start of pregnancy – As of July […]

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Highway 1 Road Trip | Pfeiffer Beach | Big Sur, California

*** WARNING: DOG OVERLOAD! *** A few months ago we hit the road for my 30th birthday trip up the California coast. Zora came along for the adventure and we met my best friend near the Redwoods. I’ve always wanted to drive up Highway One and see more of the […]

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Next Stop: Adventures with a baby!

I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of [her] heart. I am. I am. I am.– Sylvia Plath I hinted a few posts ago that I have been exhausted. Which is true. The many long weekend trips this spring and summer have worn me out. But one thing […]

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